A large drawdown or an account on the verge of a "foul" is not uncommon for a trader. What to do? Where to run? Where to get additional finances to even out the situation; come out of a deep drawdown into a plus!
INWATOLI Company takes a "drowning account" from a low drawdown to a plus or to the possibility of closing it with minimal losses!
The INWATOLI expert evaluates the situation in which the account is located and decides whether it is possible to withdraw the account to positive positions!

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1. Write us a message: SOS.
2. Transfer access to the trading account of the slack transaction to the full management of INWATOLI.
3. Wait for further steps from an account rescue expert.




- The work on "saving the account" is considered completed when all trading positions are closed;


- When the account is returned to the client, 30% of the" saved " deposit is retained as a reward for the work on the "rescue".

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Account rescue

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