* Comes into effect after 3 months of work;
* The deposit is the amount of your own funds without taking into account the previously received profit!

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Our systems show the highest level of security. We supplement the very best product offer with a unique service — special "shield".


Our clients get a tool that allows them to count on long-term profits. Now you can plan the timing of withdrawals without worrying about losing funds.


This is a unique offer on the market. In conjunction with a proven, highly profitable trading system, puts you in the category of owners of the best investment product!

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For example, you really took a risk and entrusted all your savings to the trading system and you really do not want to lose anything of this precious. This means that any additional guarantee is like clean, cool water in a hot season.


You can read the terms of profit distribution in accordance with the amount of the invoice you wish to insure down below. Use your shield! Protect yourself from losses!


Below, read the terms of distribution of profits in accordance with the amount of the account you want to secure. For example, if you want to secure 30% of your deposit, then the service fee will be 30% of the traded funds, etc.


Put up your shield! Protect yourself from losses! Contact us, indicate your account and the percentage of the deposit on which you want to put the "shield".




Protect your profit

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