You have come to the site of the best investment offer on the market. These are not just words, you will see for yourself when we introduce you to the statistics and principles of product profitability.


You probably already know enough about the fact that now more and more advanced trading robots come to the Forex market to help traders, this facilitates the work of both individual traders, companies, and entire investment funds.


Today's trends are rightly called the "war of robots". One system after another becomes part of the software code and goes to market bringing profitability and delighting investors.


Inwatoli, with its robotic product, has proven the system's performance and resistance to stress, some of this is reflected in the monitoring provided on the website.

4 steps to start earning



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Choose a broker

Select a robot

Get profit

Become a partner

Choose the type of affiliate program, get a reward.

Choose a brokerage company. Open an account. Make a trade deposit.

Having chosen, contact us, we will configure it to work on our VPS server.

Make a withdrawal of the profit received or reinvest.



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Why us

This product was made for internal use in order to facilitate the task of the company's traders. Only after a while, it was decided to bring it to the market, not selling, but offering an investment service.


On the site you will get acquainted with the details and principles of business relationships between you, as a customer and those who provide this service.


We offer not only a simple and affordable method of multiplying income, we have included many details and features to keep your money as safe as possible. 

Before you go on with the details, briefly about the essence of the sentence.


Let's say you have $ 500 and you decide to define it as an investment. To do this, you need to open an account with a broker. 
Next, contact our employee through this site. After receiving all the necessary data, your funds are included in the work. Upon receipt of a profit and in accordance with the chosen system, you make a profit by giving a part in accordance with the contract.


There are no "other" conditions for withdrawing funds, your income is your money, without any additional conditions.

And lastly, if you wish, you can track the dynamics of your account every day.

How to get started

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